How to setup Live Streaming for Your Church

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These are the instructions from our guru at Glen Waverley Uniting Church. They are reproduced here almost verbatim, but the key reference is the link quoted ( Try that first, and see how you go, before exploring these instructions further. John Hurst.

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The embedded video we have at is a tricky thing to keep working, but I think these instructions are probably correct: - it’s essentially some hacking on the embed script that YouTube normally uses, and it’s broken twice in the last 12 months and I’ve had to alter the embed to fix it. Importantly, it doesn’t work for ‘unlisted’ or ‘private’ streams.

You could also just give people a link to the YouTube Channel itself (definitely the most reliable) - when you have a live stream running it will be featured on the homepage of the channel. If you want that to be easy to remember you could just redirect off something with your normal domain, eg. setup a redirect from to then nobody has to type the complicated YouTube link.

Hope that helps, please let me know if you get stuck.

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